Quarterly Legal Education Programs

All half day quarterly MA Forum Educational programs are free for current members in good standing. The fee for non-member attorneys is $55 per person. All attendees should register ahead of time for a proper head count for planning purposes.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please send a message to us via: board@maforumepa.com. Please recall that we are a purely volunteer-only Board of actively-practicing attorneys. We thank you in advance for your (and your team/staff members') courteous patience while you wait for our reply.

Winter 2019

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Four seasons photographed on the same street from the exact same location.

Topic: "How to Answer Your Clients’ End of Life Planning Questions"

Date: Friday, February 8, 2019

Time: 8:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.

Dr. Jeff Gold of Gold Direct Care (Marblehead), a practicing physician,
Joan F. Wright of Norwell Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice
Robert Folsom of Folsom Funeral Service (Dedham, Westwood, Norwood, Roslindale)
General Counsel from Donate Life New England
Lisa Paolillo of New England Organ Bank, Inc. (Waltham)

Learn from our expert panel how to speak to your client on these important topics:

• Inspired by the book “Being Mortal” and similar discussion, learn more about differences between partial and full code and DNR, living wills and comfort care orders; Massachusetts MOLST form protocol client consultation with their physicians;
• organ donation fact & fiction; what really happens, when and what options your clients have; and
• funeral and memorial service planning considerations and options; options for final disposition of bodily remains, cremation, disposition of cremains, burial, green burial, cemetery special rights and restrictions including Veterans’ and religious status

Spring 2019

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Four seasons photographed on the same street from the exact same location.

Topic: "Your Custom Clauses and Documents"

Date: Friday, May 10, 2019

Time: 8:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.

You custom draft your clients’ legal documents to address their unique circumstances. At our quarterly meeting, together as a group we compared and brainstormed some of our member-drafted custom clauses and unique documents to spark thought and inspire enhancements and improvements to all our drafting.

Summer 2019

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Four seasons photographed on the same street from the exact same location.

 Monday, July 29, 2019 8:30 A.M. - 5 P.M.

Precursor to the Wealth Counsel Annual Symposium which will be held in Boston this year.



Symposium is a one-of-a-kind gathering of the finest minds in estate and business planning. Featuring comprehensive drafting sessions, unparalleled (and unforgettable) networking opportunities, and new techniques for growing your practice, Symposium has one goal in mind: helping you achieve the practice you want.




Symposium 2019 will be in Boston, Massachusetts, from July 30th through August 2nd, at the Boston Park Plaza hotel. This historic city and hotel are the perfect backdrop for learning, networking, and growing.





We’re so glad you asked! This year, we’re proud to have two concurrent conferences to meet the needs of your entire firm. Estate and business planning attorneys are welcome to join us for 3 ½ days of sessions at Symposium 2019 to learn about drafting and practice building. Paraprofessionals are welcome to join us on Wednesday, July 31st, for a one-day conference in the Boston Public Library with sessions covering topics like case management and dealing with difficult clients. Both conference passes include access to the exhibit room and The Hub at the Boston Park Plaza. Bring your whole firm--Symposium 2019 has something for everyone!





There’s simply no better place to learn, be inspired, and network. Symposium will showcase the best of Boston, the best in trusts and estates and business planning, and bring out the best in your practice.





WealthCounsel, LLC has been helping estate and business planning attorneys practice excellence for over 20 years. Membership benefits include superior estate and business planning drafting software with Wealth Docx® and Business Docx®, a vibrant community of thousands of attorneys, and thoughtful analysis of breaking news.

Fall 2019

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Four seasons photographed on the same street from the exact same location.

Topic: "Horror Stories from the Field of Trusts & Estates"

Date: Friday, October 18, 2019

Time: 8:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.

During this meeting, we listened to horror stories from the field of trusts & estates. First, Attorney Dan Capobianco gave a presentation on In Terrorem clauses (i.e., No Contest provisions). Do they work in Massachusetts? What should they include and not include? Second: a panel/roundtable discussion of estate planning horror stories, with most of the gory details discussed - examples include unintended consequences of distributions to beneficiaries; fiduciary litigation & trustee liability including when you're serving as Trustee; unfunded trusts; scary clients that won't stop haunting you, and more!

As always, we also included a roundtable discussion about the most relevant topics of interest of our members, including the proposed Secure Act (H.R. 1994), proposed bills in the Massachusetts legislature changing the MA Estate Tax threshold, new POMS on legal fees, and status of Pooled Trusts, to name a few.

In addition to the substantive program and roundtable, the Forum also conducted its Annual Meeting and voted on members for the Board's new term. The nominees, as submitted by the nominating committee, were:

  • Class of 2020: Amy Antonellis, Paul Bernstein, Allen Margulis, Danielle G. Van Ess, Maria Baler, and Brandon Walecka
  • Class of 2021: Nancy Kelleigh, George Constant, Christopher Anasoulis, and Timothy Borchers